Watch Carly Fiorina carve bloody chunks off of Fox News!

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This interview by Carly Fiorina on Ted Cruz, why she’s supporting him now, and the election in general is quite interesting, but I’d like to direct your attention to a specific part of it. The whole video is below (courtesy of The Right Scoop). The festivities start at about the five minute mark.


Carly Fiorina: By the way, and let’s be honest: the narrative coming out of the media is part of the problem here. Last Tuesday night Fox news cuts – and every other network cuts, to be fair – to a full hour of Donald Trump, live, and doesn’t even mention that Ted Cruz beat John Kasich in Michigan, or that Ted Cruz won Idaho, or that Ted Cruz continues to rack up delegates while everyone else is falling further and further behind. I guess the media has already decided who the nominee is.

…And that would be the place where Fox News hastily interrupted. Not that you can blame them; Carly Fiorina is touching on something here that’s extremely awkward for Fox News. Basically, Fox News has enjoyed for quite some time the reputation of not being really part of the media, in a way that many conservatives and Republicans would define it.  Their entire brand is based around being “Fair and Balanced” – which makes their recent reported shift in support of Donald Trump (a man who is neither) all the more embarrassing.  They are just as much part of the media as the other networks, these days – but if more of their viewers figure that out*…


At any rate, the best Fox could do was say that there wasn’t another press conference to cut to and away from Trump’s bizarre infomercial, but Carly was having none of it:

I guess I sort of assumed that the surprise of Ted Cruz inching out John Kasich in Michigan was actually news. Apparently, it wasn’t.

That woman has a marvelous ability to really elegantly kick somebody in the kidney.  It’s refreshing, really.  We need to start teaching elocution in our schools again.

Moe Lane

*Full disclosure: I do not watch Fox News, in much the same way that I do not regularly breathe through a straw.


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