BREAKING: A Surprise Winner Already Called in Kansas

flag of kansas

Not a single, blessed thing. AoSHQDD has called the race for Ted Cruz, with Donald Trump in second, and Marco Rubio in third. I didn’t give the numbers yet because they’re unexpected: Cruz at this point is hovering around having a popular vote majority in Kansas, and nobody wants to forecast that will stick around. The delegate rules indicate that Trump and Rubio, but NOT John Kasich, will pick up delegates here.


The win isn’t the surprising thing: the polling in this state, like most states lately, was seriously lagging events, and goodness knows that Donald Trump has been repeatedly punching his own campaign in the groin for the last two weeks nonstop. What is surprising is the margin. The margin is pretty impressive. The margin suggests that neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio* wasted their time over the last two weeks.

Onto the next state, my friends…

Moe Lane

PS: A lot of people will be acting that it doesn’t matter that Trump lost Kansas.  Which is what he did. Trump lost it. In the way that losers of things can lose things.

*I have a request. Whether you’re a Ted Cruz OR a Marco Rubio supporter, you probably have something in common with that Marco Rubio OR Ted Cruz supporter over there: you don’t want Donald Trump to be the nominee. Be kindly to each other, in other words. Somebody almost certainly and for the good of the Republic voted strategically in Kansas to make sure Cruz got the win; respect that.


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