Bernie Sanders' shockingly good night.

Bernie Sanders

At least, according to AoSHQ Decision Desk.  They have already called Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Vermont (shocker) for Bernie Sanders tonight; and he came really close in Massachusetts*.  Considering that Bernie Sanders is kind of old and crazy (and a Commie, of course), and considering that Hillary Clinton is the odd’s-on favorite to win, and considering that everybody’s half-certain that Bernie Sanders doesn’t even want to be President – this is not a bad result for the Senator.


Although what is a bad result for the Senator – and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – is that over in Virginia the Democrats had about 780K voters and the GOP had just over 1M.  Assuming that the Republican party can get its act together – and I guess we’ll see, huh? – that’s one heck of an enthusiasm gap to make up. I’m quite keen to find out just how they plan to manage that particular trick.

Moe Lane

*Shoot, Bernie could even win in Alaska.  Not that anybody I know plans to stay up late enough to find that out.


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