Lawsuit alleges Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane ordered perjury.

kaneRecap: Pennsylvanian Attorney General (and Democrat) Kathleen Kane is disgraced, embattled, and quite possibly functionally insane. She’s disgraced because Kane got caught interfering in a bribery investigation for nakedly partisan purposes; she’s embattled because the woman refuses to resign as Attorney General, despite the fact that they took away her law license; and she’s quite possibly functionally insane because AG Kane insists that this is all due to an email porn conspiracy ring that only she, Kathleen Kane, had the courage to speak out against. I’m not joking about this.


And now it comes out that two of Kathleen Kane’s staffers just “filed a federal lawsuit accusing her of urging them to lie to disrupt a grand jury probe.” In any other universe, this would be a scandal all on its own.  In this one, it’ll barely make a ripple, mostly because AG Kane is about one bad day away from barricading herself in her own office and declaring it to be the sovereign nation of The Beautiful Realm of Greater Kanerty.  She’d be the Supreme Maximum Protector of Peace and Super-President; the [ficus] plants will have to work out among themselves which one would be Virtue-President (No vice! No vice!), and which ones would only be the Penultimate Defenders of Fair Play and Permanent Undersecretaries with Universal Portfolios.

…Sorry.  I swear to God: this woman’s worldview is almost infectious.  I find it amazing that there’s nobody in the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania who picked up on the fact that Kathleen Kane was a high risk to suddenly lose structural integrity and explosively decompress like this. I mean, they vet people, right? Vetting is a thing that people do? And surely there were warning signs, yes?

Moe Lane

PS: You might notice that I’m not calling for Kathleen Kane’s resignation from office, and that’s for the best of reasons: which is to say, a combination of naked partisanship and genuine civic feeling for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Basically, once AG Kane resigns or is convicted, Governor Tom Wolf appoints a replacement to serve out her term until the next election.  Speaking as a partisan Republican: I’d rather have nobody in that spot than another Pennsylvanian Democrat.  And, speaking as a concerned citizen of the Republic: …I’m having that exact same reaction.  Governor Wolf’s tenure has corresponded with a whole slew of stories of the litany of failure that is the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania. It seems reasonable not to want to let Pennsylvanian Democrats make things worse.



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