Look, I don't want to be racist here...

AP_360489230907…but Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King* allegedly cooking the books of his charity in order to get himself a fat paycheck?  That is so totally a white dude crime.  We practically invented charity scamming, to be brutally honest.  We’re certainly stereotypically known for it.  Admit it: if a white dude ever gets arrested for abusing a charity (or securities fraud, or insider trading), you just automatically assume that the white dude actually did do it.  Everybody assumes that, honestly.


But let’s be fair. We should not assume that Shaun King stole from his own charity simply because he’s a white dude trying to pass as black (which, rightly or wrongly, is right there going to be a flag to many people, too).  Innocent until proven guilty, and all that.  I mean, Shaun King hasn’t even been arrested for fraud yet. I admittedly wonder whether he’d get a fair shake from the legal system – again, he’d be fighting the popular perception that every time a white dude gets arrested for scamming a charity it’s probably a righteous bust – but that’s a different issue. The important thing is that we don’t rush to judgement on Shaun King. Even if he is getting accused of what is a notoriously white dude crime.

After all, Not All Whites.

Moe Lane

PS: As I understand current racial/gender studies theory you are not actually ALLOWED to criticize my personal perception of my own ethnic/racial group unless you are also a member of that group. And it doesn’t matter if you feel privileged to do so, either…

*For those of you fortunate enough to not know who on Earth Shaun King is: he is a self-identified “African-American” activist in the Black Lives Matter movement who labors under the minor problem that he is apparently not, in point of fact, African-American (Shaun King freaked out amazingly when people brought this up, too). As a metaphor for the odd twists and turns that racial issues can take in this country, Mr. King is more or less perfection: and as this issue over questions about his various charities heats up I await with breathless anticipation for the first accusations from the Left that the guy’s trying to pass as black.  And they say that things never change in America…



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