Planned Parenthood abortion shop now a legitimate pregnancy center.

We at RedState like to use this picture for our Planned Parenthood posts:


Largely because it reflects the conscious desire of our hearts and consciences: which is to say, the removal of a notorious baby-harvesting corporation from American commerce and politics.  But you might find interesting – and hopeful! – that the facility that had that sign in the first place has been re-purposed into something a lot less awful.  From LifeNews:


Hope Pregnancy Centers of Brazos Valley purchased the Bryan, Texas Planned Parenthood building last year after the abortion center closed. The pro-life organization remodeled the facility and opened in September, according to the Christian News Network.

“What was once a place of death and grief where an estimated 6,400 abortions were performed has been transformed into a place of life,” Tracy Frank, executive director of Hope Pregnancy, said in a statement. “We feel like we have reclaimed and redeemed the ground.”

The new facility offers pregnancy/baby services and STD testing; it does not provide abortions. Which is something that you might have guessed already, but it bears repeating.  It also bears mentioning that one powerful tool for fighting pro-abortion advocates (and for reassuring pro-choice ones) would be to have a plan in place for replacing abortion shops with facilities like these. The ultimate goal for the pro-life movement is to improve the quality of life for both mother and child, after all; and it is much simpler to counter pro-abortion propaganda that it’s ethical to harvest babies when you give mothers viable alternatives.


In other words: this switch-over is not just a good thing on general principles. It is also a reminder that we have to nurture our own principles, if we want to see those principles thrive.  The good news? This is easier for us than them, because objectively speaking: people who harvest baby parts for money are awful people, and so are the people who will go to the wall to defend the baby-harvesters. The sooner that we separate them out from the folks who are merely legitimately conflicted about abortion, the better off most of the country will be*.

Moe Lane

*The ones that will be worse off?  Why, the baby-harvesters, of course. I do so look forward to their future forensic audits.


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