Hillary Clinton cronies Ohio Organizing Collaborative caught up in voter registration fraud.

NAME! THAT! PARTY!: “A state criminal agency is investigating what appears to be 25 to 30 fraudulent voter-registration applications, including from five dead people, filed with the Columbiana County Board of Elections by the Ohio Organizing Collaborative.” …and, indeed: the article goes its entire length without the word ‘Democrat’ appearing once.  But, yeah: the OOC has strong ties with the Hillary Clinton campaign, in the person of one Marc Elias.  Elias, as the Washington Free Beacon helpfully notes, is both the attorney for the OOC in their… voter ID lawsuit*… and the general Counsel for the Clinton campaign.  I can almost guarantee that no public figure Democrat is ever going to concede openly that there may be something at least a little weird there, too.

And the Democrats wonder why they’re fighting a losing public relations battle against Voter ID laws.  Gee, could it possibly be that there’s a steady drip of stories where voter fraud keeps getting sniffed out?  And it’s always just one or two bad apples – or, as we in the business like to call them, ‘scapegoats’ – so there’s no need to worry about the ones that we’re not catching, ha-ha, surely the states sniff out every forged voter application, hee-hee, and of course the Democratic Establishment isn’t using fake voter registrations to rig Democratic primaries, perish the thought, hark at how this foolish political blogger blathers on, yadda yadda.

Honestly, though: how often do you hear of people investigating the primaries for shenanigans? Well, perhaps they should start.  Because that’s where fraud can have a disparate impact: turnout in primaries is noticeably worse than that of general elections. Or off-year elections generally. I’m not one of those people who think that the Democrats can cheat away an election result unless we’re ahead more than five points; but if it’s point-5 points, well, that’s a different story. And one which I’m not inclined to be all trusting and credulous, either.

(H/T: Hot Air)

Moe Lane

*PROTIP: If you’re suing to try to get a state’s laws against voter fraud overturned, don’t have your organization commit voter fraud.  Some judges do, indeed, have a sense of humor. Very few have that much of a sense of humor.