Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane (D) is getting indicted AGAIN.

Does this woman even understand what an Attorney General does? Seriously, the point of the job is to help fight crime.  Not commit crime.

Anyway, it’s yet another perjury charge, and this is the really entertaining bit: “[t]he new charge Thursday stems from evidence found during an execution of a search warrant at her office Sept. 17.”  You see: despite the fact that AG Kathleen Kane has been indicted, indulged in public conspiracy theorizing, and recently had her law license revoked… well, the Pennsylvania Democrat refuses to resign. She’s still the Attorney General for Pennsylvania, because by God they’re going to have to drag Kathleen Kane out in chains before she gives up that job.


Although that might change.  More from the Action News article:

An affidavit filed by a county detective said Kane has repeatedly said, directly and through her lawyers, that she did not swear to keep secret the 2009 grand jury information about a former head of the NAACP in Philadelphia.

But the district attorney’s office said her signed oath was recovered during a search of her Harrisburg offices on Sept. 17, contradicting her claims that no such document existed.

…and that’s the new perjury charge. And can you wait to hear how Democratic Pennsylvanian AG Kathleen Kane will try to explain away those treacherous papers with the awkward signatures all over them? – Because I cannot wait.  I assume that it will be epic; I dare even hope that it will profane. But, really, the prosecutors have got AG Kane dead in the water on this one. Someone should explain this to her.

Preferably, somebody with a valid law license, of course.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: For those following at home: the original article mentions Kathleen Kane’s political affiliation (Democrat) once and somehow forgot to ask other Pennsylvanian Democratic officials how they felt about the fact that they have a Democratic Attorney General under indictment for multiple perjury charges.  Funny how that works, huh? – Yes, I’m being sarcastic.



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