RedState Gathering 2015: Marco Rubio talks about Planned Parenthood.

I had the opportunity to talk with [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] last week on the subject of why there hasn’t been more movement on fighting Planned Parenthood.  Here’s his response.


The takeaway from Rubio’s response is: we don’t have the Justice Department to force a criminal investigation (which is unfortunately true); the Senate requires 60 votes and setting the precedent of changing the Senate rules is fraught (I’ll be honest: I understand that particular argument, but I’m getting just tired of it as most of the people reading this); and that one thing that we have to do is stop letting the Democrats call future efforts ‘shutting down the government to defund Parenthood.’ What he – me too, actually – wants to see is that we start insisting that the Democrats start justifying why they want to shut down the government just to save Planned Parenthood. Which is, after all, an organization that profits off of harvesting babies for their highly valuable, but somehow inexplicably not human, organs.

Personally, I’d love to sugar-coat this video more, because I think that Marco Rubio gave an honest response here (even if I don’t like what it says about the Senate). But it’s a bad idea to tell people what you think that they want to hear. Recent political history to the contrary.

Moe Lane



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