You'll get gay married and LIKE it, Brian Moylan.

It’s frankly adorable that this guy thinks that he has a choice.

Now that the Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality is the law of the land, a marriage with my boyfriend in New York would be just the same as my brother’s. Like all those people who immediately washed their Facebook profile photos in a rainbow bath, I’m overjoyed at the decision and glad to finally have the choice to get married. But, as of right now, it’s a choice that I’m deciding not to make.


This is the price one pays for mainstreaming one’s identity-group; which is to say, one must mainstream. That means marriage. That means kids. Which, by the way, means much less in the way of disposable income that can be spent on trips and extravagances, like furniture that isn’t kid-resistant. Does Brian Moylan think that his mom nags him now about getting married? Just wait!

Just. Wait.

And no, I have no sympathy at all. And it’s not because I’m a conservative*: it’s because I’m a father of two who has to plan out a simple week-long vacation as if it were D-Day. Welcome to the wonderful land of Bourgeois Morality, Brian Moylan.  Enjoy it, because you don’t have a choice anyway.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The article ends with the stirring phrase “…our covenant is none of your business.” Alas, there was a 5-4 Supreme Court decision last Friday that declared that sentiment to be in violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Ain’t judicial activism grand, Brian Moylan?


*After all, I voted for SSM when it came up for a vote in Maryland. Because that’s how this gay marriage stuff should have been settled. By voting.


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