Google News is wrong: Gov. Jay Inslee (D, Washington) was not arrested on abuse-of-power charges.

Dagnabbit, don’t tease me like this, Google News.


Yeah, it turns out that that they truncated the quote there:

A Washington State Patrol trooper who worked as a bodyguard for Gov. Jay Inslee was arrested in Olympia, accused of destroying evidence connected to his son’s criminal case.


If I was in the Governor’s office, I’d be calling up to complain.  After all, Jay Inslee’s polling is at the point where they have to give him a letter grade to make it sound better (trust me: freshmen governors do not like being referred to in terms of having a 2.15 GPA); the last thing they need is for a major search engine website to falsely suggest that the sitting Democratic governor of Washington State got arrested for abuse of his office*.  If for no other reason than because scurrilous individuals from right-wing websites will use it as an excuse to note that a sitting Democratic governor is at real risk of losing next year.

Like those scurrilous individuals have been known to do.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Especially since we’re all half-expecting that to happen to former Governor John Kitzhaber (D) of Oregon.


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