Why I stopped reading Gary Hart's piece on oligarchy.

Found here, via here.  Anyway, I was reading along, and came across this passage: “With its monumentally wrong-headed Citizens United decision…”  That was enough for me.  Oligarchical elements in our Republic are, indeed, rather strong: but it is instructive to note that they were not weaker under so-called ‘campaign finance reform.’ In fact, if you look at American politics since free speech was reaffirmed under Citizens United you will note that a good number of local political dynasties have been since defeated. 2014 in particular gives some prime examples; but ask the Carnahan family in Missouri how well they’re doing these days. Or the Reids in Nevada. I’m sure that there are other political families now on harder political times, these days.

I am not saying that life is all nice and egalitarian, now.  I am saying that it’s more egalitarian than it was. Such things typically happen when you make it easier for people to talk: there’s nothing an oligarch likes better than to be able to restrict what may and may not be freely said. And I have no real time at all for somebody who can’t tell the difference between what he thinks is going on, and what is actually going on.  There are only so many hours in the day, you know?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I should also note that Gary Hart probably has a bit of a personal grudge towards the Bush family – a grudge that would be all the more pronounced because it is largely not reciprocated. That’s how these things typically work. Usually to the chagrin of the person holding the grudge.