NPR's Lead Editor for Politics unaware that Evangelicals support Israel.

If this doesn’t prove to certain people that NPR lives in its own little world, probably nothing will.


“Israel is the biggest applause line at an evangelical Christian university?” …asks the “Lead Editor for Politics and Digital Audience” for National Public Radio.  I actually don’t want to whale too badly on Domenico Montanaro: for all I know he’s kind to his mother, helps old ladies across the street, and mentors orphans. But this is a remarkably pure example of what the Left used to call ‘epistemic closure,’ before they realized that we could throw that comment right back at them, and with considerably greater impact.


You see, in the real world  it’s been known for decades that Evangelical Christians in America have been rock-solid boosters of Israel. It’s partially due to theology*, partially due to an appreciation of Israel as a functional democracy and economic powerhouse in a region not really known for either, and not a little because all of Israel’s wars end with them surrounded by a circle of dead enemies**.  Whatever the reason, it’s one of those things that is.  That this is not known at NPR is startling.  And again, probably more an indictment of the system than the people who work for it.

Some of the people who listen to it, on the other hand… hoo, boy.  That link above will provide you with some real winners, when it comes to casual anti-Christian bigotry. And the worse part? They think that they’re as tolerant as they are educated… which, hey! – That might even be true.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*This is the one that certain elements of the Left think that they understand, but actually do not.  Said elements have worked out (read: “been told”) that this is all due to all those Christians who literally interpret the Book of Revelation; but if you even say the word ‘Dispensationalism’ to the aforementioned elements their eyes glaze over.  Try it!  It’s fun.  Very amusing to do at parties.


**Never underestimate the American tendency to root for the underdog. Particularly when the underdog is heavily outnumbered, gets hit with a sneak attack, and wins anyway [See also: “Yom Kippur War.” Or “1 Samuel 17“].


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