It's official: the Obama administration hates it when you have cheap Keystone oil.

It only took three relentless Congressional electoral cycles to get Barack Obama to admit it, too.  Not that the administration wants to admit it, even now.  They just ran out of options:


The White House on Tuesday for the first time issued a veto threat over Republican-backed legislation to approve the Keystone pipeline, setting up a likely showdown between President Obama and the GOP-controlled Congress in the coming weeks.

“If this bill passes this Congress, the president wouldn’t sign it,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday, stressing that the president wants to wait for a State Department review process to finish.

Free translation: President Barack Obama thinks that your heating and gasoline bills are far too low as it is, and God forbid that either should get any lower!  – Certainly that’s what Obama’s rich, indeed fat-cat hardcore Green buddies think*; and it turns out that they speak much more loudly in the President’s ear than can, say, blue collar unions**. Not that anybody was really expecting anything different, but now we can spend the next two years hammering home just who the President thinks is worth his time and attention.  Spoiler warning: there are entire factions of the Democratic party that don’t measure up to Obama’s rather arrogant standards, and they’re not going to enjoy discovering that.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*It is honestly fascinating to contemplate the world-view of a hardcore Green.  These people were raised in our society, which means presumably they had at least some exposure to mainstream American values; and yet they truly would rather see people be cold, hungry, and in the dark rather than have those people burn hydrocarbons for heat and light. Their self-appointed ‘elitist’ leadership is even worse: they’ve made their own arrangements to keep themselves fed, lit, and warm – and they have no intention whatsoever to put themselves through the same low-tech, industrial-free hell that they advocate for the rest of humanity.  :shaking head: I guess you’re always going to find people who think that they’re simply better than the rest of us…

**Frankly, all unions should be blue collar (I include firefighters and cops in that). Why a bureaucrat needs an actual union to keep his or her job is one of this era’s minor, or possibly not so minor, stupidities.


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