Buried lead: Barack Obama comes out in favor of Citizens United!

Dear God but this man is unaware of the universe.

(2:45, if it doesn’t work)

Because if somebody is able to intimidate folks out of releasing a satirical movie, imagine what they’d start doing if they see a documentary that they don’t like…


Actually, we don’t have to imagine what they’d start doing.  You see, in 2008 a federal court decided that a documentary called Hillary: the Movie was in violation of the infamous McCain-Feingold campaign finance ‘reform’ law. Citizens United (the group that put that documentary together) insisted that it was instead, you know, free speech and thus absolutely protected… which, oddly enough, was an argument that the federal government didn’t like.  Which is why the federal government argued against it in the Supreme Court – and lost, thank God.  But not before the FEC actually argued with a straight face that McCain-Feingold allowed for banning books.  No.  Really.

But I suppose that I should be grateful that the President has decided that he and his administration acted stupidly in that particular case.  It is, of course, a crying shame that Barack Obama doesn’t quite have the intellectual honesty to explicitly admit that he was wrong in public; but men must crawl before they can walk. Besides, if you feed too much truth to Obama’s most vocal gentry progressive supporters they tend to explode.

Originally via Hot Air, but I went to a completely different place with it, sorry.

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