Sure, let lame duck Barack Obama normalize relations with Cuba.

Since John F Kennedy, Presidential foreign policy towards Cuba can be summed up in one sentence: Let my successor be the one who has to be the guy that let Fidel Castro win.  Well, guess what: Barack Obama volunteered to be the poor, stupid sad sack that has to eat the pavement on that. CNBC reports: “The U.S. is starting talks with Cuba to normalize full diplomatic relations and open an embassy, according to U.S. officials. The expanded relationship would also open imports of Cuban cigars somewhat, according to a CNN report.”  We get cigars and some political prisoners released; Cuba gets to win.


Let me revisit what I said on the subject of the embargo, back in 2009:

Should we end the embargo?  Well, we’ve traded with worst regimes, and I don’t think that the current system is doing what we want it to.  Do I think that doing so will cause a stink?  Very much so.  Is it fair that most of it will slop onto the current administration?  Not especially.  Do I personally care?

[snip of 2009 topical reference] …not in the slightest.

I still stand by that, me.  But it’s nice that Barack Obama’s doing this favor for the next President.  It’s about time that the man started thinking about other people.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I wonder if Fidel Castro – out of sheer spite – is holding out for this to happen before he’ll die.


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