Greenpeace must help the Peruvian authorities put some white dudes in jail.

I’m going to break a rule and tell you to go read a ThinkProgress piece, largely because whoever wrote it probably had to fight down a wave of nausea afterward.


The article, for those who don’t want to read even a sick-to-its-stomach TP piece, pretty much it’s one long exercise in trying to explain to its readers just how badly Greenpeace wrecked a portion of the Nazca Line site in Peru* (see here for background).  There’s no real defense to the facts on the ground, as it were: the Nazca site IS incredibly fragile, to the point where special shoes are worn to prevent footprints – and Greenpeace DID illegally enter the site and permanently mark it up with their heavy-sneakered tread.  The question then becomes: how can Greenpeace make this up to Peru?

Easy – and impossible: they can start by giving up the people who did the crime.

Because don’t tell me that Greenpeace doesn’t know who did this: this was a planned operation, for Heaven’s sake.  They know who did it, they have pictures of who did it, they have video of who did it.  That information should be given to the Peruvian government post haste, so that the Peruvian government can get on with extraditing the accused felons who allegedly did the crime. Let them defend their actions in court, in a fair trial.  That’s how things are done in civilization…


…but it won’t happen, of course.  And the reason why it won’t happen? Why, that’s easy!  You see, some of the people who did this are white males, and probably either Western European or North American to boot!  Which is to say, the only people that avowedly progressive organizations really care about. I mean, let’s face it: if Greenpeace thought that it could get away with only giving up the locals who were involved, they would.  But the Peruvians are gonna want them some rabibla… ah, ‘white dudes’… to put in jail, too.

And Greenpeace can’t let what they consider to be ‘real’ people go to jail.  Especially a Peruvian one.  Why, it wouldn’t help the Cause, don’t you know.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Peru really does want those names.

*And many of those readers are having none of it, if the comments section there is any indication.


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