2012: Joe Biden slams Mitt Romney for... being right about Iraq, Syria, and Russia.

I honestly and truly do not like to tell people that the best thing that they can do for the Republic is not to vote.



…if Joe Biden’s argument here swayed you – if the thought that Mitt Romney, if elected, would try to:

  • Reverse our withdrawal of troops from Iraq (there’s a heck of a lot of people in ISIS-held territory that wish we were still there);
  • Stop using a fixed timetable for our withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan (I believe that ISIS has shown us all why that’s a bad idea);
  • Engage in combat in Syria (note that Joe Biden assumed that we’d be fighting the fascists there, not giving them [and the theocrats in Iran] tacit assistance);
  • And confront Russia (who is merrily pushing everywhere they can, right now)

and you thought that this was all a bad thing; then I will submit to you that in voting for Obama-Biden you made the single most foolish, uninformed, and downright dangerous Presidential vote that you are likely to make in your life.  And while I absolutely respect the right of you to exercise your franchise – better men and women than either  you or I died to protect that right – it is my humble request that you refrain from damaging the country that we both love in the future.  I have kids, you see. I don’t want to see them worse off than I was, at their age.


Moe Lane (crosspost)



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