You will be SHOCKED by what John Foust (D CAND, Virginia-10) said about his own voters!

Well, you won’t be shocked, probably. And I am sorry for that.  It would be nice if there was still some innocence left in the world.

But let’s not get maudlin.  Background: Barbara Comstock, Republican candidate for VA-10, is of the (accurate) opinion that her opponent John Foust is a male chauvinist pig:


Virginia Republican congressional candidate Barbara Comstock is out with a hard-hitting TV ad labeling her Democratic opponent John Foust a “sexist.”

“Trash-talking politics from John Foust. Foust wages a desperate, dishonest and negative campaign against Barbara Comstock,” says the ad released Thursday. “Foust’s attacks — ‘sexist,’ ‘bizarre,’ ‘insensitive,’ ‘ignorant.’ Don’t be fooled by Foust.”

Here’s the ad:


…and as you may recall, Foust is particularly vulnerable to this charge, given that we last saw him attacking stay-at-home parents as not having real jobs*.  The fallout from that would normally suggest to a candidate that they should maybe tread carefully when it comes to insulting people. But it’s the Foust campaign, so they thought that THIS was good damage control:


Free translation: We, the Democrats of Virginia’s 10th District, think that our district’s voters are idiots!

…Amazing.  I am absolutely stunned by the DCCC’s recruit crop, this cycle.  Stunned!



Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Barbara Comstock for Congress.

PPS: In case you’re wondering: there’s no polling on this race, but Comstock is generally conceded to be the frontrunner.  Which is why the Democrats sound so desperate; an open seat in a swingy-type district would normally be a prime candidate to be a pickup, and it’s not.

*Speaking as one, I’d go off on this some more, except that I need to clean the living room and be on call in case the plumber needs my help with the suddenly-leaking washing machine.


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