Quote of the Day, The Wrong Two Dirty Little Words Being Conjured For The Antiwar Left edition.

The Hill:

The president’s expansion of the U.S. military mission in Iraq is conjuring up two dirty little words for anti-war Democrats: Mission creep.

The actual “two dirty little words” that should be conjured for antiwar Democrats? Shut up. No, not from me*: from President Obama. The antiwar movement still apparently has this ridiculous delusion that their relationship with the mainstream Democratic party is on the usual patron/client model.  Which is to say: Establishment Democrats get the antiwar movement’s monetary and electoral support, and in exchange they give the antiwar movement things.  That’s theoretical, of course: the reality is that the ‘relationship’ is more like You will attack my enemies, curs, or I will whip you.  Always has been, before Barack Obama made the colossal mistake of maybe kinda trying to treat the antiwar movement like they were made up of people who were really real.


Two rapidly-failing Middle Eastern states later, Obama’s almost certainly learned his lesson on that.  If he hasn’t – and the sudden alarm of antiwar Democrats suggests that he has – then Barack Obama’s not really an intelligent man at all.

Via Instapundit.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I actually like it when the antiwar movement talks. More accurately: I like it when it screams, rants, raves, spits, throws human waste**, blocks traffic, acts like a spoiled child, supports every historical evil enemy that America has ever had, shows their utter contempt for America, and fulminates about secret internationalist Jewish conspiracies.  You have no idea how much easier those poor, stupid sad sacks make my job.

**I draw the line at them throwing rocks.  That’s not freedom of speech, that’s freedom to riot – and the latter is not Constitutionally protected.


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