Wisconsin Supreme Court finds Act 10 labor union reforms constitutional.

Can we be done with this, now?

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld the 2011 law that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers, sparked massive protests and led to Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election and rise to national prominence.

Thursday’s 5-2 ruling is a victory for Walker, who is considering a 2016 run for president and is seeking re-election this year. It also marks the end of the three-year legal fight over the union rights law, which prohibits public worker unions for collectively bargaining for anything beyond base wage increases based on inflation. A federal appeals court twice upheld the law as constitutional.


I mean, this tantrum has been going on for going on four years.  It has wasted the money, effort, and time of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Wisconsinites – both the ones on the Right (who have my sympathies) and the Left (who, admittedly, do not).  The people who hated the idea of ending mandatory dues for union workers have tried every possible trick to overturn it known to man, and none of it ever worked.  But let it be over, OK? The US Supreme Court isn’t going to overturn this case*.  They may not even hear it.

Let us have an end to the nonsense, once and for all. Because for all of the ranting, raving, and carrying-on, this is all that the Left produced in Wisconsin:


…I do not think that the payoff was cost-effective.

Via @allahpundit. Image via Shutterstock.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*With the usual caveat that predicting the outcome of USSC cases is a mug’s game.


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