Lois Lerner cursed out conservatives using her IRS email account.

Let’s say that I had some oversight authority over liberal groups or individuals. Or that I could do things to make life more difficult for those groups. And let’s say that I wrote the right-wing equivalent of what Lois Lerner wrote about conservatives (according to her, we’re apparently a*sholes, crazies, and teRrorists)…



(Via Truth Revolt)

…using my official email address. Two observations about that would inevitably follow:

  1. Liberal groups would go ballistic, whether or not I was linked to any kind of detrimental activities towards them.
  2. They would have a point.

I understand that people don’t want to be told that they can’t have the luxury of a private opinion, but: I don’t want IRS personnel to think that they get to have the luxury of a private opinion, especially when it involves people that they may be auditing. And I really, really don’t want that opinion expressed via public property. That’s an irs.gov email account she’s using. My taxes pay to maintain that email account. I’m giving her resources: I expect a basic amount of professionalism in return.

Moe Lane (crosspost)



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