Elizabeth Warren's, ahem, 'Crony Capitalism.'

Don’t watch a politician’s lips. Watch his or her hands.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) may market herself as a progressive populist, but when forced to choose between everyday Americans and billion dollar international corporations, Warren sides with the corporations.

Senator Warren believes that the Export-Import Bank helps create American jobs and spur economic growth,” Warren spokeswoman Lacey Rose wrote in an e-mail to Bloomnberg News, “She looks forward to reviewing re-authorization legislation if and when it is introduced.”


Townhall goes on to note the bit about how the Export-Import Bank is “little more than a fund for corporate welfare” – and if you don’t like that characterization, take it up with Barack Obama: that’s what he called it.  But the corporations that use the bank in question know how to reward their friends… and I guess that Elizabeth Warren wants to be those corporations’ special-special friend.

The funny part is, I don’t care too much that yet another progressive politician out there can’t sustain her own movement’s rhetoric. But you’d think that this would start bothering actual progressives after a while.  Well, actually, you wouldn’t: everybody knows that progressives have no self-esteem when it comes to politicians who lie to them, after all…



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Moe Lane (crosspost)


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