Two kinds of people commenting about the Hobby Lobby case...

…the people who are familiar with the case and what was being argued; and then there’s the Activist Left.  The people who are familiar with the case understand that while Hobby Lobby did in fact get the ruling it wanted – to wit, that the company was not required to provide access to drugs that it considered to be abortifacients* – it is not all that broad a ruling.  Privately held companies have more protection here than publicly traded ones like, say, Wal-Mart or Boeing; it’s a win for religious liberty, but not a grand slam home run.  Again, those are the people who are familiar with the case.


And then there are these people:


To wit: people who have been programmed into screaming about this case, wound up, and sent on their merry way… and their merry way has led them to SCOTUSBlog, which apparently a large cross-section of the Left-Internet thinks is the official blog of the Supreme Court**. SCOTUSBlog, God bless ’em, are retweeting the best – which is to say, most hysterical – comments, presumably so that the Left’s handlers will get into action and exert some control over their epistemic closure poster children.  But never mind that right now.  I’d like to take this opportunity to instead preemptively quash the immediate reaction of Those are just dumb people! Your side has dumb people, too!  …Which is true.  But check out this from a sitting US Senator:


Here’s the thing about that: it’s just as inane and ignorant as the first set of Tweets.  Elizabeth Warren clearly hasn’t read anything about the case, either: the major difference between her and the first batch is that Warren has a better grasp of written English. A pity that she doesn’t have a better one of existing federal law… actually, it’s not a pity: it’s a very, very bad sign.  This woman gets to have a vote for the foreseeable future over who gets to be a Supreme Court Justice.


Elections have consequences, folks. Be wary of anybody who tells you that they don’t.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Do yourself a favor: check to see whether the person that you’re arguing with on this subject knows that Hobby Lobby’s employee insurance plan included oral contraceptives. If s/he doesn’t believe that, bet them twenty dollars that you’re right; you might as well make money of the Left’s ignorance.  Goodness knows the Democratic Establishment isn’t shy about doing just that.

**They wish.


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