Martha Robertson (D CAND, New York-23[*]) using already debunked DCCC talking points.

Martha Robertson (D CAND, NY-23), having apparently not learned her lesson about telling lies in the course of campaigning, is doubling down on stupid:

Two weeks ago, a local news station ran a story concerning Robertson’s claim that the VA suffered from “decades of underfunding.” That claim had previously been rates as false.

Robertson then shifted gears and falsely accused Congressman Reed of voting “against reducing the VA backlog, funding to process more disability claims for wounded warriors, medical and prosthetic research, medical services for post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide prevention, and homeless programs for veterans.”

Martha got those talking points straight from a DCCC press release and THOSE EXACT TALKING POINTS WERE JUST RULED FALSE BY POLITIFACT.


Bolding the NRCC’s, for once: although I have to admit, it’s surprising to see Politifact actually smack down Democratic talking points like this, apparently on multiple occasions.


Look, I understand that the DCCC has to work with what it has, this cycle.  But this is getting a little ridiculous. Tom Reed‘s district may be R+3, but that means that the Democrats should have found somebody a bit more credible than a serial fibber who thinks that the answer to the disaster that is Obamacare is a single-payer system.  Ms. Robertson should ask a military veteran how people in the system feel about the VA’s current socialized medicine system.  Assuming, of course, that she can bear to be in the same room as a veteran.  You never know, with the more high-strung progressive types.

And if you think that I’m being mean, there, well: Martha Robertson was so ignorant of veterans affairs that she actually thought that the VA was underfunded.  Guess that if it’s not on one of the DCCC’s Magic Pieces Of Paper, it doesn’t really exist…


Moe Lane (crosspost)

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[*Had it wrong, changed it in the story, didn’t fix it in the title.  Silly me.]


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