Sure, Hillary Clinton should promise to fulfill Barack Obama's legacy!

I don’t really want* to fisk this article on how Hillary Clinton should run on a platform of being Barack Obama’s third term – she totally should, by the way – but it’s hard not to fisk when somebody leads off with a sentence this interruptible.  So let me just interject, the one time:


Conventional wisdom has it that President Obama’s middling poll numbers will be a drag on Hillary Clinton’s presumed march toward the presidency.

…Actually, conventional wisdom has it that President Obama’s second term poll numbers are awful, are likely to continue to be so, and are already notably below average for Presidents halfway through their second term. That’s because conventional wisdom knows that Gallup has a website where it keeps track of such things.

As to the actual suggestions: the author recommends that Hillary Clinton campaign on Common Core – as in, supporting it, and never mind that even liberal parents across the country are starting to spit and test the edge of their knives at the sound of that particular phrase.  Or student loan reform: but not the ‘make debts dischargeable by bankruptcy and put schools partially on the hook for the bad loans they arrange’ model. No, instead, the idea there would be to throw yet more money at the problem and then get confused when prices go up again. And finishing this trifecta of futility would be following in the footsteps of Barack “I don’t pay my own female staffers the same as I do my male staffers” Obama and advocating that other people give equal pay for equal work.

Oh, and mumblemumbleguncontrolobamacareimmigrationmumblemumblemumble.

Empirical evidence to the contrary, it wasn’t exactly my intent to unload on the poor guy who has to somehow turn five and a half years of Obama by-products into something that people might not retch at the mere sight of. I’ve been there, you see.  I know how it feels when your party has given you nothing to work with – and at least then I still had a President with a strong moral sense and a stubborn refusal to bend on the policies that he knew that he had to defend, if he wanted to avoid going to Hell when he died.  This guy doesn’t even have that, and while I will not judge anybody who callously shrugs at the author’s poor life choices I’m just a big softy sentimentalist at heart, especially since it doesn’t actually cost me anything.


But seriously: Hillary Clinton should totally run on a promise for four more years of Barack Obama.  She should yell that from every podium, soapbox, sound stage, and maybe yodel it from the top of the Grand Canyon.  No. Really.  I insist.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*And yet… here am I, doing it.


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