Elizabeth Esty (D, Connecticut-05) seems... worried... about her electoral chances.

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You have to wonder.

  • First off, the DCCC is planning to dump about three quarters of a million dollars in ad buys for Esty’s campaign.  This is a little surprising, because the actual Republican candidate for that district is still kind of up in the air.
  • There’s also more than a touch of scandal potentially looming over Esty’s general campaign this year: back in 2013 she had to return campaign contributions that turned out to have come from companies and individuals who were simultaneously dealing with husband Dan Esty, in his role of state energy/environmental commissioner (Esty has since resigned his position).
  • And now Elizabeth Esty is voting like a North Carolina Blue Dog trying to keep a shaky seat.  Delays on Obamacare mandates (while still voting against repeal of the law). Voting to force Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel on the IRS scandal.  And the latest: Esty’s fervent nega-embrace of ousted VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

All in all, things sound like Elizabeth Esty is not happy with her internal polling.  Which, if it is bad, would also have to be truly awful, given that we’re still waiting on the aforementioned GOP candidate for that district.  Is there another shoe set to drop in that race, or is this just first-term jitters by the Congresswoman?  Guess we’ll find out pretty soon.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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