And now *Texas* Veterans Affairs offices join the Dying In Line scandal.

How many Veterans Affairs offices did this, anyway?

A Department of Veterans Affairs scheduling clerk has accused VA officials in Austin and San Antonio of manipulating medical appointment data in an attempt to hide long wait times to see doctors and psychiatrists, the American-Statesman has learned.

In communications with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, a federal investigative body that protects government whistleblowers, the 40-year-old VA employee said he and others were “verbally directed by lead clerks, supervisors, and during training” to ensure that wait times at the Austin VA Outpatient Clinic and the North Central Federal Clinic in San Antonio were “as close to zero days as possible.”


All of them?

Hot Air has more: see also here and here.  And while I understand that VA Secretary Eric Shinseki may not want to resign over this, the problem here is that this apparently systematic abuse and coverup took place while under his command, and command takes responsibility.  I find it fascinating that this needs to be explained to a man with Shinseki’s particular background, but I guess time in Washington DC can change a man, and not for the better.  Particularly under this administration, which seems to take a vicious delight in sapping people’s honor.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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