Luddite Left strikes in San Fran again: attacks Google Glass wearer.

(Via @arstechnica) No, I’ll call the city ‘San Francisco’ when it’s behaving itself:

In the aftermath of Friday’s protest in front of the San Francisco home of a Google lawyer, a reporter says that he was assaulted for wearing Google Glass in the city’s Mission District.

Kyle Russell, of Business Insider, said that his Glass was torn from his face as he was walking to a local BART (subway) station after filing his story on the protest.


Basically, somebody grabbed the device and deliberately smashed it: I don’t know whether you should call it a politically-motivated mugging or violent hate speech. But just in case the attacker is reading it: functional, fully socialized human beings* do not attack random strangers on the street and break their things.  And I don’t care what local San Franciscan culture might have to say about the attacker’s actions; there is clearly something wrong with San Franciscan culture anyway.

…As witnessed by the victim, himself.  God help us all, but he wrote an article explaining that, the way he was dressed, he was just asking for it.

…if you’re in San Francisco and see someone wearing Google Glass, it’s pretty likely that they work for a company that’s had some kind of an impact on the community, from one of the many startups to giants like Twitter or Google.

If those people hadn’t moved to San Francisco, people wouldn’t be priced out of their neighborhoods, rental properties wouldn’t be purchased by wealthy young millionaires, and tenants wouldn’t be evicted from the homes they’ve lived in for several decades.

My love for gadgets makes me look and sound like one of the people whom residents of the city have come to feel oppressed by.


Translation: don’t wear Google Glass in San Fran. Or you’ll get what-for. Yeah, like that’s gonna stop the Luddite Left (I’m not going to pretend we don’t know what kind of fanatic did this) from ramping up the pressure. Why shouldn’t they? Clearly their tactics are having the desired effect.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Do you know what would abruptly stop this kind of ‘protest?’ Concealed carry.  Yeah, yeah, I know: I’m some kind of right-wing nutjob for saying that. Which is not the same as proving that I’m wrong.

*I was going to add something snide about intelligence levels, but I’ve happened to know a few mentally handicapped people in my life, and all of them were capable of understanding the need to treat people kindly.


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