Why I just dumped Firefox as a browser, and so should you. #uninstallfirefox

When I heard that Lefty advocates had managed to hound a traditional marriage supporter from his position at Mozilla’s CEO, I did what any sensible opponent of California’s Proposition 8 and supporter of Maryland’s Question 6 would do: I immediately dumped Firefox and found another browser (in my case, Chrome). I support gay marriage.  I do not support demonizing the roughly half of the country that disagrees with me.


What I did not realize, however, was just how bad Firefox has gotten over the last few years. I am absolutely shocked by how much faster Chrome loads and operates, and it’s apparently a heck of a lot more stable, too. What makes it more startling is that I had Chrome on my Chromebook; I guess that I assumed that the faster speeds there was just due to Google optimizing the computer for its browser.  No, it works better on desktops, too.  And you can even import your bookmarks and passwords.

So, seriously: if you use Firefox and you’re ticked with Mozilla, dump Firefox and find another browser that suits you.  It’s standing on principle AND will make your life easier, to boot.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Even if you’re not ticked with Mozilla, honestly, I’d tell you to switch anyway.  Firefox is really bad these days.


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