AFSCME in dues freefall after Wisconsin labor union reforms.

Maintain your composure, people. No tears! No tears:

The 2011 state law that all but ended collective bargaining for most public workers has hit Wisconsin’s second largest union hard.

The Capital Times reports the latest tax documents available show combined income of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees dropped 45% in 2012. That was the first full year of the law, called Act 10.

In 2011, the four councils that make up the state organization reported a combined income of $14.9 million. In 2012 that dropped to $8.3 million. Dues revenue dropped 40% to $7.1 million.


Turns out that if you give people an opportunity to vote with their pocketbooks, they take it. I’d also note that a hefty percentage of those people opting out of forced union dues are undoubtedly doing it because Big Labor is a lapdog for the Democratic party establishment. Gallup found in 2012 that 35% of union households backed Mitt Romney (34%, government union); while that may not make much of an electoral difference, I imagine that those folks are now happy not to be paying for Democratic attacks on their candidates. I suggest that the unions take a hint or two from this.

Aynway, I wonder if it alarms or amuses Governor Scott Walker’s staff that the Online Right has linked his name to the phrase “Throne of Skulls:”


Probably a little bit of both.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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