DCCC's Erin Bilbray (D CAND, Nevada-03 PRI) likes some pretty nasty, racist stuff.

I have a problem.

You see, there’s this candidate over in Nevada called Erin Bilbray.  She wants to run against Joe Heck in the general, and she’s being groomed by the DCCC to do just that; they consider her to be a top-tier candidate.  That’s not the problem, given that she’s already on her second campaign manager and the woman seems to think that you can call an Iraq War veteran anti-American. No, the problem is this: Bilbray recently broadcast to the world her approval of a image titled “The World According To A Right-Wing Conservative” – and I can’t show it to you.


No, I literally cannot as a site moderator for RedState.  We have strict rules on appropriate images, and the image that Bilbray linked to and approve violates them in at least three places. Racial epithets, crude stereotyping, actual mockery of other cultures’ language and speech patterns – if somebody came in here and put that up and I saw it, I’d take it down.  If the person wasn’t known to me, I’d ban him or her on the spot. If the person was known to me, I’d rake him or her over the coals for it and inform them that they burned through their existing store of goodwill.  And I’d do that not because Bilbray’s map is hate speech towards the Right; it’s because it’s nasty, and full of a certain amount of projection that has become wearily familiar to anybody who has to deal with liberals using the supposed bigotry of the Right to ‘safely’ let out their own. In short, it’s ugly.  And whoever made that map made the world a little bit uglier.  And whoever likes that map is likewise making the world a little bit more ugly.


But Erin Bilbray still wants your vote if you live in Nevada’s Third Congressional District!  And don’t worry if you’re a Republican; she’ll still take that vote.  She’ll even forgive you for all of those nasty images and beliefs that seethe through the sewers of her – oops, she meant ‘your’ – mind…

Moe Lane


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