Alan Grayson (D, FL), Barbara Lee (D, CA), & Jan Schakowsky (D, IL) tried to consult with terrorist-led group on drone strikes.

There are two problems with this.

Mohammad Al Ahmady, the Yemen director for Geneva-based NGO Al Karama, was expected to brief Reps. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.), Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), and Jan Schakowsky (D., Ill.) the morning of the Nov. 19, according to press release from Grayson’s office.

Several Al Karama officials have faced terrorism allegations. Al Karama’s founder and current president Abdul Rahman Naimi was designated as a terrorist and al Qaeda supporter by the U.S. Treasury Department in December, along with the group’s Yemen representative Abdulwahab Al-Humayqani. Al Karama’s legal director, Rachid Mesli, is currently wanted for terrorism charges in Algeria.


First off, these particular Democrats can’t seem to get it through their heads that al-Qaeda is, like, the enemy. Which is why the State Department denied the representative a visa, after all (heck of a thing when the State Department is the one with its head on a swivel)*. Second… while I understand why Representatives Grayson, Lee, and Schakowsky might want to get the straight dope on what it’s like to get hit by a drone strike, going to actual terrorists is actually not the way to go. Because if we targeted said group with one, they’d most likely be dead and thus not able to give a report.

:snort: And there people are what pass for national security mavens among progressive antiwar Democrats. It’s enough to make you weep. Or howl with laughter. Or, really, both.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: If you read the whole article from the WFB, you’ll be struck by just how mulish the American progressive Left is being about not distancing itself from Al Karama. Remarkably so, in fact.


*Somebody should have checked first. Does nobody in the Democratic party does research, anymore? Even at the level of a Google search?


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