Prominent anti-war loon Michael Scheuer calls for assassination of @BarackObama.



I am reluctant to provide the direct link: David Frum (!) has the details. Essentially, Scheuer was babbling about current US/UK policy, and finished up his not-actually-incoherent* screaming by quoting Seventeenth Century English republican Algernon Sydney, who got the chop** from Charles II for… well. Depends on who you ask. To be fair, the treason charges were dubious; to be equally fair, Sydney was in the pay of the French anyway, and the French were trying to urinate in Charles’ stewpot. You could make the case that Sydney should have realized that he’d get only one Get Out Of Jail Free card as part of the Restoration…

Sorry: Restoration politics is an interesting subject, and one that I expect that I’ll reading up a bit more on. The point is that Sydney advocated the assassination of tyrants as an acceptable method of political discourse. …All right, that is what he did. Michael Scheuer thinks that’s a lovely idea. …So noted. Scheuer also thinks that Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron are tyrants, and let’s not mince words: this was him passively-aggressively suggesting that somebody shoot both.



Sometimes, people ask me, Why do you despise the antiwar movement so? I admit, I usually am slightly confused at questions like that: it’s like asking me Why do you hate being hit in the kidneys with a hammer? I’m like, Why don’t you? – because this is precisely the sort of behavior that I grew accustomed to coming from them during the Bush years, and I never really expected the hardliners to get any better once there was a new President. The Democrats, sure: I knew that they never meant all that stuff in the first place, as an examination of Barack Obama’s (remarkably inept) foreign policy will demonstrate. But the fanatics? Nope, they were going to stay vile.

As you can see.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: HECK yes the US Secret Service should stop by and have a chat with Micahel Scheuer. You never know.

*It took me a second to figure it out: Scheuer’s hatred of any particular Islamist regime is inversely proportional to the likelihood that it’ll go and attack Israel in the very near future. Guess Scheuer just can’t stay mad at people who want to go out and kill Jews.

**Not as part of the English Restoration: this all happened two decades later.

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