Add Minnesota to the list of "#obamacare exchanges about to wreck YOUR insurance coverage."

Time to test Minnesota Nice to destruction, I guess:

…Minnesota’s top insurers have laid out a list of technological problems that they say may keep people who’ve enrolled in a health plan from being covered on Jan. 1.

Insurance carriers selling plans on the state’s insurance marketplace say enrollment information they’re getting from MNsure, is inaccurate and incomplete – and that time is running out to fix these problems.


“At this late date, the health plan companies do not have most of the names or information on individuals who have enrolled through MNsure,” Julie Brunner, executive director of the Minnesota Council of Health Plans wrote in a letter to MNsure Executive Director April Todd-Malmlov and Lucinda Jesson, Minnesota Commissioner of Human Services.


Via AoSHQ. The ‘good’ news is, only about 4,500 applications are actually affected (the rest of the 25K enrollment numbers usually being quoted right now is actually from Medicaid expansion*) by this; the bad news is, well, everything else. People get at the very least cranky when they lose their coverage – all coverage – because Democratic politicians’ bodies can’t cash the checks that Barack Obama’s ego wrote; I’m quite keen to see how Minnesota voters handle this.

I’m betting Sen. Al Franken is just as keen to see, too. For pretty much the same reasons, if not the same emotional reaction to them.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Which is another way of saying The Minnesota exchanges are in deep, deep, death-spiral-style trouble.


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