Tweet of the Day, ...And The Sign Was Taken Out Back And Never Seen Again edition.

Probably got sent out to a nice farm in the country, where it could play with all the other hideously misspelled and ungrammatical Democratic props:



Art production values in the Democratic party have taken a nose dive lately, professionally speaking. Bad Photoshops, misspelled signs, horrible ad copy… was there some kind of shakeup? If so, they fired the wrong people.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: It should be noted (read: “somebody reminded me to point out”) that misspelling ‘filibuster’ was one of merely three (at least) egregious errors on that sign. They also misspelled ‘against’ and somehow decided that “In this history of the nation” sounded more like Standard English than “In the history of this nation.”

But rejoice! Some of your tax money was probably spent on that sign.


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