Stu Rothenberg: Michigan Senate race no longer a lock for the Democrats.

Hey, tell me again how utterly doomed the Republican party is next year.

Republicans don’t need to win Michigan to get the majority in the Senate, but the Wolverine State could become a serious takeover target later next year.


Make no mistake, [Democratic candidate Gary] Peters has shown remarkable political agility and starts this race with the edge, but this open seat should no longer be considered safe.


The Michigan Senate race is now rated Democrat Favored according to Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.


Given that the last automatic poll only showed a five point lead for Peters – and him under 50% – I’d say so. Or possibly even Leans Democratic, but we’ll first need to see how the Obamacare meltdown is impacting Michigan. I can tell you this: said meltdown is not currently helping any Democrat.



Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: It looks like the Michigan GOP will be going with former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land for this seat; I don’t know much about this race yet, but she’s apparently got both money and organization, and of course any Republican would be better than any Democrat. If we are fighting in Michigan in October of 2014, then November will be an utter disaster for Democrats in November of 2014 whether we win there or not.


*I got nothing against Stu Rothenberg making a buck, but he can pay for his advertising just like everybody else.


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