For all of your "Explain to folks how bad Sebelius was today" needs. #obamacare

The NRCC went ahead and created a useful list called the “7 Most Ridiculous Things Kathleen Sebelius Said At Today’s Hearing:” there were more than seven, of course, but these were particularly… well, ‘good’ is not really the right term, eh? Anyway, this one’s my favorite:


2. “The website never crashed.” 

“We were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, which we clearly have failed to do to date, although I would suggest the website has never crashed,” Secretary Sebelius testified about

Really? What about the woman who tried every day for 23 days to log onto the website? And what about the fact that although did indeed crash just days before the October 1 launch, you decided to proceed with the rollout anyway?


I particularly loved the way that CNN cut away to a live shot of the website being, indeed, in a state of being crashed at the very moment that the Secretary was saying that the site had not crashed. One get the feeling that we’re not the only people out there who are getting just a little bit tired of all the nonsense that keeps piling up…


Anyway, check out the NRCC site.  There’s stuff that people can use – and more importantly, spread around.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Let me forestall the computer scientists: yes, I am sure that there is an interpretation or two in which Sebelius was being technically accurate.  Please bear in mind, though: if you ask the average American what this picture represents…


…most of them will tell you: Dude, that’s a crashed website.  And in this particular case it’s the public’s opinion that matters.


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