Libya Foreign Ministry building bombed by terrorists, 9/11/2013.

Details are still sketchy:

Security officials say a powerful explosion has caused serious damage to Libya’s Foreign Ministry building in the heart of the coastal city of Benghazi.

The early Wednesday morning blast also damaged the building next door housing the Benghazi branch of the Libyan Central Bank.


…and there’s no word yet whether this bombing was specifically done in commemoration of last year’s 9/11 al-Qaeda attack on our consulate (and murder of four Americans, including our Ambassador) in Benghazi, or whether it was done in commemoration of 2001’s 9/11 al-Qaeda attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. Although it’s certainly reasonable for us to embrace the power of ‘and,’ here.

While we’re waiting – probably in vain – for the Obama administration to issue a statement on the subject*, marvel in amazement as the Guardian(!) essentially calls a Democrat Presidential administration a pack of liars from start to finish over the original attack in Benghazi:

The attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was striking for a number of reasons: the date, 11 September, the toll – four diplomats killed, including an ambassador – and the knock-on effects on the careers of senior American politicians.

But what is perhaps most striking is the inconsistencies: the US version of events compared with those of witnesses and the facts on the ground. The two do not tally. And so, a year later, there remain pressing questions about what happened that night – and what the Americans say happened.


There’s stuff in there that I don’t agree with – it’s the Guardian, after all – but man: I would have expected a little bit more in the way of sympathetic treatment. Heck of a thing when a Left-wing British rag is a more trustworthy critic of a Democratic President than are 95% of American media corporations.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I can guarantee you that some of Barack Obama’s more pliable apologists will stubbornly insist that the American government is not required to have an opinion on a bombing done pretty explicitly to celebrate two different successful violent attacks against America. I almost feel sorry for them; they’ve been having a rough two weeks or so already.

And note: ‘almost.’



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