Why Jim Moran's son Patrick will get away with domestic abuse.

Consider the story of Jim and Patrick Moran… and let us not make this a Democratic/Republican thing. Instead, let us go foreign: imagine that a report had come out that the son of an Australian* politician had been caught viciously beating his girlfriend in a drunken rage. The incident was witnessed by police, who made an arrest (getting assaulted themselves in the process); the victim went to the hospital, and allegedly treated for a skull fracture and a broken nose. Now also imagine that the politician HAPPENED to be a senior figure in his political party, and who HAPPENED to belong to a federal-level legislative body that HAPPENS to have direct oversight over the municipality where the attack took place; and that the politician’s son just HAPPENED to be able to plead down from felony assault to regular assault and probation. And, to cap it all off… the victim is in classic fashion sent out to claim that it was all an accident – and then the politician declares the whole thing to be an ‘embarrassing situation.’


If all of this happened on the other side of the world, do you think that there would be anybody credible – on either side of the American political spectrum – who would not agree that the politician needed to be investigated?



Of course not. But because it’s Jim Moran – twelve-term progressive Democrat Congressman, and brother to the head of the Virginia Democratic Party – the response to his son Patrick’s domestic abuse has been, ah, muted on the Left. Jim Geraghty – whose history of despising Moran matches mine – notes that at least one writer at the Huffington Post (!) is disgusted by this as I am, or you are: but if you’re expecting to see Left-protests and marches and demonstrations at what looks remarkably like a corrupt vicious suckweasel politician covering up for his vicious suckweasel drunkard son… well, don’t. Because there’s one more wrinkle: guess who put on a 2012 Women’s Issue Conference, and is otherwise considered ‘good’ on women’s issues (from the point of view of any feminist not within range of his family’s fists)? That’s right: Jim Moran.

So. You have to understand. Jim Moran’s a good provider. He doesn’t mean to lose his temper; it’s just that he and his boy Patrick just get a little worked up by the women in their lives, sometimes…


Moe Lane

PS: In 2008, a writer at Jezebel (via @aceospadeshq) noted that Jim Moran – shock, surprise! – ‘allegedly’ hit his wife; this was considered at the time to be enough to endorse his opponent. Oddly enough, there’s nothing like that on Jezebel’s front page as of 9:39 AM Eastern, 12/13/2012. Wonder why that is? – That’s a rhetorical question. In 2008 the Democrats controlled the House and were looking like they were going to increase their majority in the elections, which they did. Today the Democrats don’t control the House and there’s a real chance that Moran resigning will mean a seat flip. So, you know, ‘she tripped and fell.’ At least Jezebel didn’t put up a post lecturing DC women about dressing too provocatively…

PPS: I know some Lefty lurkers read this site, so here’s a reminder: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS BAD. DO NOT ENGAGE IN IT.

*Nothing against Australians, but they speak English and the average American reader is a little vague on their political parties (including where they stand on the political spectrum).


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