RIP, Larry Hagman.

The actor died Friday, at the age of 81. Mr. Hagman is best known for his central role in I Dream of Jeanie, Dallas, and helping to smash a wooden stake through the festering Commie heart of the murderous, tyrannical Ceausescu regime:



For those without video access: the short version is that the aforementioned unlamented regime actually allowed Dallas to be seen on Romanian television, under the mistaken impression that their slaves would watch it and conclude that capitalism was bad. Instead, the Romanians decided that Dallas (among other things, to be sure) demonstrated that this capitalism thing was looking… kind of nice, actually. They just needed to shoot themselves a couple of dictators first.

Which they did. All in all, not very smart of the Ceausescu regime, but then Marxism always was intellectualism for stupid people.

Moe Lane (crossspost)

PS: Rest in peace, Larry.


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