Howie Politics refuses to release full internals on Donnelly +11 (:rolling eyes:) IN-SEN poll.

[UPDATE] Hey, they released the results! …And, yeah: Question 26.  9% of their LVs voted in the Indiana GOP primary. :pause: Okaaaay…]

You’ve probably heard by now that Howey Politics has put out a shock poll on the Indiana Senate race indicating that Democrat Joe Donnelly was up eleven points on Richard Mourdock (the guy who beat Richard Lugar out for the Republican nomination: this will be important to remember, later).  What you probably have not seen is any sort of analysis of the poll in question, largely because… there’s no full crosstabs.  In fact, there’s not even a link to the dang thing besides Howey Politics’ own front page.  This might be because they haven’t put together something for public consumption… or it may be because Howey Politics is apparently a bit… notorious… in Indiana for oddball poll results (apparently, the same poll says that Indiana favors decriminalizing pot and split on same-sex marriage).  Or maybe it’s because Howey’s own co-pollster is not exactly ready to claim that the race is that bad, or will be that bad on Election Day (via Legal Insurrection).  At any rate, Richard Mourdock is calling for the full internals on this one, and who can blame him?


Well… probably anybody who wants to see him lose, sure.

Look, if you want to believe Richard Mourdock is currently behind in this race, go ahead: Rasmussen agrees with you (and, at the moment, so do I).  Only, they have him down by only two points, which sounds a lot more reasonable.  Or sane, frankly.  But the level of detail given to this ‘revelation’ of Howey Politics is what I’d normally associate with an agitprop internal poll, put out by a losing campaign – which, as Hoosier Access perhaps snidely noted, apparently applies to Howey Politics when it comes to Dick Lugar.  You have to give out something for people to analyze, honestly.

Moe Lane


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