Election in twelve days! The economy is awful! (And CNN is ripping Obama!)

Let’s see what shiny object the Obama administration comes up with TODAY to try to distract people from both of those inconvenient truths.  I’m betting Full Metal Mormonism: nothing like a little casual religious bigotry to keep up the Online Left’s spirits as the hammer continues to descend.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Via email, prepared to be shocked by CNN’s Erin Burnett:


Executive summary: “The President’s math: it still doesn’t seem to add up.” Not something that the Obama campaign wants to see on CNN.  Particularly since Burnett ended the segment by pointing out that the ‘plan’ that Obama for America claimed would reduce the deficit  (more specifically: the supplementary specific details for said plan, and OfA had to be prodded into providing that) was actually scored by the CBO as being likely to increase it.

All of which means… don’t let up the pressure.


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