A PSA for executive branch bureaucrats.

Hi! Are you an employee of the State Department? Treasury? Defense? Justice? Interior? Agriculture? Labor? Health & Human Services? Housing & Urban Development? Transportation*? Energy? Education? Veterans Affairs? Homeland Security? Commerce?



Wow. I didn’t actually think that I’d be able to find shenanigans going on in the Commerce Department. Aside from the Census, it doesn’t really do all that much.


…anyway, if you are a member of this or any other government agency, please take this test. Please look around your desk Monday and see if you can see anything that will make you go Man, if Darrell Issa ever hears about this one then the fecal matter is going to impact the oscillating blade. If you do see anything like that, you would be well-advised to make sure that an Obama political appointee has signed off on your actions. In writing. Three copies: one for your files, one for the appointee’s… and one for next year’s House Oversight Committee hearing.

Because there’s a limit to how many pardons the administration will sign, and never mind how many they can sign.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I’ve given this advice before, I think. Only, it’s really good advice (said he, probably arrogantly).

*Admittedly the most of a reach.


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