Some helpful reminders to progressive protesters at Charlotte.

I thought that I’d be useful and walk the slave’s flatteries and child’s imitations that are the modern Left protest movement through what’s expected of them this week at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, as well as what their betters will tolerate from said protesters. I know, I know: some of the folks on my side feel that one should not give those people any sort of help whatsoever: to which I reply, noblesse oblige. Or possibly mild sadism; after all, I’m happily aware of the fact that there’s almost nothing that the progressive activist Left hates more than to know that somebody out there is laughing at them, and that they can’t make the Bad Man stop.


But enough about me. Let’s go over a few things:

  1. Understand your purpose, protestors. You are not there to influence the convention. You are not there to drive the debate. You are not there to speak truth to power. You are there to make the Democratic Establishment look as good as possible in comparison to you. The more you scream and howl, the better the professional politicians who leech off of you appear. So be as puerile and ‘counter-productive’ as you like; the more you degrade yourself, the better the true masters of the Democratic party like it.
  2. Grasp your importance. This one is easy: you have none. Importance implies power, and the street-level activist Left has long since signed over theirs to its fully co-opted ‘leadership’ cadre, which in its turn has parlayed the energies that you bring to your rather dubious causes into comfortable sinecures for themselves and their cronies. To the Democratic party leadership, you are a blob. You will be more comfortable in your own skin if you simply accept that you are a blob, that you will never be anything more than a blob, and that you have been assigned people who will do all your thinking for you. Because…
  3. You deserve your suffering. I’m… no, not really ‘sorry.’ Or ‘forced.’ But pretend that I’m both… to tell the activist Left that the chains that they wear were self-forged, and self-donned. Oh, sure, it was done one link at a time – but it was still done. You chose to live your lives in fear of conservatives and the Republican party; you chose to enter into a degrading and abusive relationship with the Democratic party in response. It was easier than standing up for yourself and… whatever it is that you still allow yourselves to believe in, if indeed there is anything left besides the Democratic Establishment’s authorized mandatory diversity opinion checklist by now.
  4. Finally: if you must whine to us, do so in an entertaining fashion. It is not our fault that our politicians have a healthy respect/fear of the Republican base, and that your politicians do not fear you. It is also not our fault that we have self-respect, and that you do not. It is not even our fault that we’re better than you are at populist activism, really: after all, you could be good at activism. If you were brave, that is. But since you’re not, leave the rest of us alone – or at least dance for our enjoyment, too. Goodness knows you must be used to it by now.

Guess that’s it. Enjoy the convention, progressives! Maybe your masters will throw you some offal, halfway through.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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