The Neil Barack Armstrong Obama OfA Memorial page.

I am embarrassed to admit that it took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with this (‘this’ being a screenshot from Obama for America’s campaign site):


(Link, if it doesn’t load)

After all, the sentiment is not objectionable – except of course, for the minor detail that you cannot believe any word of praise for space exploration that comes from an American liberal. Those people HATED space exploration, largely because the money ‘needed to be spent right here on Earth*.’ But let us put that old bitterness aside, for the moment: I have something new to object to. Simply put: why is it that we cannot even have Barack Obama offer condolences for one of our most symbolic American icons without turning it into it being all about Barack Obama? – Because it’s obvious that that’s what happened. I simply have just gotten far to accustomed to the current President trying to leech off of other people’s glory.

Well. Let me just make this clear: President Obama? About the Apollo Program? …Yeah.


Moe Lane

*Apparently Saturn V rocket boosters used $100 bills for fuel. Who knew?


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