RedState Gathering: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R, LA).

We’re always happy to hear from Gov. Bobby Jindal, and after the speech that he gave last Saturday* (as I noted at the time, you could see the crowd collectively thinking Why, Bobby here would make a perfectly good Vice President) he took a few moments to talk to me about… you know. Stuff**.


Moe Lane (crosspost)


*Said speech will be up eventually. One thing that I do want to highlight is that Jindal spoke about our current educational situation with much the same message that Students First offered in their video below…

…only a little bit more, ah, formally.

**Actually, my decision to not ask Jindal if he was going to be Romney’s running mate was a cold, partisan one. First off, Jindal wasn’t going to announce at the Gathering. If he had, I would have been told. Second, if Jindal isn’t going to be the nominee he’s probably still got a good idea of who will be; only Jindal’s not going to tell me that, either, because Romney’s people are going to want to maximize the big reveal on that particular bit of news. So the only way that I was going to get anything besides a no-comment out of Jindal anyway would be to somehow con him into telling me… and here’s the thing: I’m not an objective journalist***. I’m a Republican partisan hack. I’d rather win the election than get the “scoop.”

Eyes on the prize, folks. Eyes on the prize.

***Admittedly, neither is anybody else.


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