How much longer can Claire McCaskill last in Missouri?

If you’re a Democrat, then the latest poll from Mason-Dixon should not be combined with alcohol and/or used in conjunction with heavy machinery: she’s not just losing.  John Brunner beats her 52/41; Sarah Steelman, 49/42; and Todd Akin 49/44.  And that’s registered voters.  These are the kinds of numbers that you’d expect to see from a challenger; an incumbent that far underwater needs an exit strategy, quick.  Guess the Democrats guessed wrong on how quickly McCaskill was going to fade.


Mind you, the person who should really be worried right now is Missouri governor Jay Nixon.  The Democrats have written off the state in the Presidential election; Claire McCaskill is starting to swirl the drain; and the DCCC seems to have decided not to really push at the three first-term Republican incumbents this cycle.  Nixon’s looking very, very alone right now.  Such a shame…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

(Via @TookieW)

PS: Primary’s August 7th.  McCaskill is, by the way, running unopposed in the primary.  …Oops?


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