ALEC protesters show off their education, empathy, and ability to function without keepers.

ALEC, for those wondering, is the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is one of the current hate objects of the Left because… well, because some very smart people told the Activist Left to pick up their signs (which the Activist Left made themselves!) and go over and protest them!  And never mind why: only dirty little wreckers in the service of the One Percent argue with their betters.  They aren’t dirty little wreckers, are they?  No, of course not: the Activist Left are real live activist …Leftists.  So there!


Look, if you have a problem with my categorization of these winners, watch this Revealing Politics clip from Wednesday’s anti-ALEC protest in Salt Lake City before you judge me.  These people ain’t all that bright.

…Well, they’re not.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: A basic transcript is below. Pioneer Day is in fact a Utah state holiday (July 24th); needless to say, it’s not an event that requires flags at half mast, as Utahns are usually quite happy that their ancestors settled the Salt Lake Valley. Also note that Unidentified Male #2 might have been just passing by, although the fact that he’s wearing a garment that shows his solidarity with Jew-hating terrorist murderers may be, as they say, diagnostic.

Unidentified Female #1: Why are they at half mast today specifically?

Female Anti-ALEC Protester #1: Aurora, Colorado… I mean, every day people die from lack of resources, curable disease…

Male Anti-ALEC Protester #1: No, there’s a state holiday today, so they probably left them…

Unidentified Male #1: Wait, it’s for a state holiday?

Male Anti-ALEC Protester #1: Yeah it’s a state holiday. Twenty-fourth.

Unidentified Female Speaker #1: It’s a state holiday?

Male Anti-ALEC Protester #1: No, yesterday was, so they probably just didn’t bring them back up

Female Anti-ALEC Protester #2: No, it’s official, it’s on the um website it’s for Aurora.

Male Anti-ALEC Protester #1: It’s for what?

Several people: Aurora.

Male Anti-ALEC Protester #1: What happened in Aurora?

Unidentified Male #2: I’ve never seen the flags drop for Pioneer Day.

Female Anti-ALEC Protester #3: :random guitar chords:



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