Democrats reduced to hiding in bushes, posting creepy stalker videos.

I’m not joking about either. Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci (R) told Politico that a neighbor had caught somebody doing precisely that, and I’m pretty sure Politico believes him: they have collected some really, really creepy videos (including one targeting Renacci) of what is apparently an organized effort to sit outside candidate/legislator houses and businesses and… film them. In many cases, going for a 360 degree shot that shows the entire exterior – and if you haven’t already gotten a certain wariness from this new wrinkle in the political process, then really, that last bit should be setting off alarm bells. There’s a point where this sort of thing becomes ‘casing’ a place; looking for weak points in building security qualifies.


The truly crazy bit? This is apparently under the aegis of the Democrats themselves: “Democrats, on the other hand, insist the videos are fair game — and are unapologetic about the hardball tactics.” The videos are apparently being sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (at least, that’s how I’m interpreting DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson’s defiant defense of the practice); certainly there seems to be a common format, and it’s been done in multiple locations at this point. Which basically means that the DCCC is out and out stalking the Republican party.

Again, I’m not joking. Lurking in bushes.

Let me make it clear, by the way: following candidates around? Part of the game. Hanging out in public places for hours on end, waiting for said candidates to appear (and hopefully do something career-ending)? Well, that’s kind of obsessive and sad, but then the press routinely films Air Force One taking off and landing, just in case something bad happens. That’s just – business, in other words. Taking movies of a candidate’s house and/or business, then posting them on the Internet? Yeah, you’re… messed… up in the head. And I can’t believe that the DCCC hasn’t worked out yet that they’re one lone sociopath away from the Mother Of All Lawsuits…


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